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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bonanno soldier tells judge in letter his violent outbursts are therapeutic

My violent rants are therapy: reputed mobster
A reputed mobster awaiting trial channeled his inner Robert De Niro for a letter to the judge that reads like a scene from the 1999 mob comedy “Analyze This.”

“The prosecution is trying to label me violent,” Anthony “Skinny” Santoro says in the hand-written jailhouse missive.

Letter written by Anthony “Skinny” Santoro to Judge Melissa Jackson.

“Your Honor the fact is I do talk a bit crazy, even stupidly at times, it’s how I ventilate (sic) my feelings in private, it’s a therapeutic technique I’ve learned that it keeps me from acting out in a negative way, as we all know, they’re only feelings and they go away, just check Psychology 101.”

“Since when is talking about your feelings a crime?” the reputed Bonnano soldier added, taking a page from the movie where De Niro plays a mob boss who is treated by a psychiatrist played by Billy Crystal.

Santoro — who despite his nickname tips the scales at 300 pounds — is locked up on enterprise-corruption, loan-sharking and gambling charges.

In his letter to Justice Melissa Jackson, he refers to a plea offer of nine to 18 years in the slammer as “outrageously high” and implores the judge to “step in and settle this matter fairly.”

“I am not trying to paint myself as an angel, but I’m not guilty of enterprise corruption — I would gladly plea to one of the underlying pattern acts,” he generously wrote.

Santoro, 52, penned the letter on Dec. 2, but it was just recently made public.

Prosecutors claim to have wiretap recordings of the Staten Island resident engaged in several of his self-described “therapy” sessions.

Crime family members Vito Badamo (left) and Ernest Aiello (right) appear with Anthony Santoro (center) in court.

“I’m gonna split his ­f–king head with a hatchet,” he fumed to an associate about one foe, according to court papers.

“I’ll put two holes in his ­f–king forehead. I’ll double-tap his forehead right now!”

Defense lawyer Tim Parlatore insists Santoro is all bark and no bite. “My client describes himself as a rough and tough cream puff,” he said. “He talks tough. He never ­actually does anything ”

Santoro was busted in 2013 along with reputed capo Nicky “Cigars” Santora, 72, who inspired the character played by the late Bruno Kirby in the 1997 film “Donnie Brasco.”



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