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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Judge approves Lucchese gangster's four day Poconos vacation

Organized crime allegations won't get in the way of his vacation plans.
A reputed Lucchese mobster accused of extorting a 71-year-old Staten Island man can vacation at a Poconos resort as he awaits prosecution on racketeering charges.
Michael Capra, 51, who lives in Smithtown, L.I., made the request to travel on Monday – a day before his scheduled four-day trip to the Pocono Mountains in Tannersville, Pa.
"We apologize for the short notice but Michael's son suffers from depression and emotional issues and this trip is to take him to a resort for a few days," wrote Capra's lawyer, Joseph R. Conway, in a letter to U.S. District Court Justice Sandra L. Townes.
The judge granted his request on Tuesday.
Capra remains free on $500,000 bail, after he and his brother Daniel were arrested in September 2013 on federal extortion charges.
It's the second time he's been granted leave to go to a Poconos resort -- last February, he was allowed to spend three days at the Camelback Mountain and Ski Resort in Tannersville with his wife and 12-year-old daughter.
He and his brother, both reputed Lucchese associates, are accused of threatening a 71-year-old Staten Island man at the behest of capo Carmine Avellino to collect a $100,000 loan owed by another man in 2010.
The Staten Island man had intervened on his acquaintance's behalf, asking if the man could have more time paying back the loan, according to documents filed in Brooklyn federal court.
Michael Capra was arrested after a police standoff at his home in Smithtown. His wife told FBI agents she hadn't seen him when they came calling with a warrant, then locked the door when the agents offered to come inside and look for him, according to federal documents.
His attorney did not immediately return a call seeking comment Tuesday.



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