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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bonanno captain found not guilty in murder of suspected snitch and Lufthansa heist

He’s a jolly “Goodfella.”

Bonanno crime capo Vinny Asaro grinned from ear to ear as he was acquitted by a federal jury Thursday in the iconic 1978 Lufthansa heist and a slew of other Mafia crimes, including murder.

Asaro, 80, at first looked puzzled as the “not guilty” verdicts were recited in Brooklyn Federal Court. Then he leaped up from his seat with a giant smile and hugged his two lawyers.

It was a massive blow to federal prosecutors, who were seeking a landmark conviction in the legendary crime immortalized in Martin Scorsese’s 1990 film “Goodfellas.”

Prosecutors had argued that Asaro was heavily involved with the band of mob hoodlums who breached the Lufthansa terminal at Kennedy Airport on December 11, 1978 and emptied a vault of $6 million in cash and jewels.

In addition to clearing him on that score, jurors also cleared Asaro of any role in the grisly 1969 slaying of Paul Katz, a reputed mob associate who was suspected of being an informant.

The man described by a Brooklyn federal prosecutor as “the ultimate tough guy” and who once fraternized with mafia legends like John Gotti has now dodged the prospect of life in prison.

Asaro has now had the last laugh against his cousin, Gaspare Valenti, who’d been key to the prosecution case and who still faces up to 20 years in prison under his federal agreement to cooperate against Asaro.

Vincent Asaro (right) with his cousin Gaspare Valenti in an undated photo.

Broke and disillusioned with the mafia grind, Valenti turned rat in 2008 and later began wearing a wire during countless conversations with Asaro and others.

The Lufthansa heist orchestrated by mobster Vincent Asaro, was depicted in Martin Scorsese’s 1990 mob classic, “Goodfellas.”

Valenti, who has already pleaded guilty to involvement in the Lufthansa heist, gave jurors an intimate tour of the planning, execution and aftermath of the robbery.

The turncoat also told jurors that he exhumed Katz on his cousin’s orders.

Asaro’s defense attorneys, Diane Ferrone and Elizabeth Macedonio, may well have succeeded in discrediting Valenti and other mafia songbirds who took the stand, blasting them as professional rats who were motivated to lie in exchange for government money.

But federal prosecutors Nicole Argentieri, Lindsay Gerdes and Alicyn Cooley told the panel that the evidence against Asaro was overwhelming and that the cooperators’ testimony was supported by the evidence in the case.

The three-week trial in Brooklyn federal court vividly brought many of the characters from the famed film classic to life.



  1. I am glad he was found not guilty. They were just trying to pin the lustansa heist on someone. Some might consider Asaro a "brokerage" but at least he went to trial and kept his mouth shut.

  2. GOOD GOD! I never expected that verdict. The jury did GOOD!!!!!!! He was not guilty by a "shadow of a doubt" by any means. LOVE THIS ZHIT!!!

  3. Wow, he beat it...


  4. Good for him !!! Juries are starting to reject the testimony of Rats more and more with each flimsy case.

  5. Vinny making out with your lawyer was legendary I'm sure even the judge cracked a smile.

  6. Love it...now the feds can go after some other old gangster because I hear they got some new evidence about the st valentine's day massacre...fucking fed clowns can't spend our tax dollars fast enough

  7. It's about damn time people finally opened their eyes and realized the rats are paid government employees trying to make an escape for themselves.

  8. Each lost case for Nicole is a win for society. Government liars.....stata buon vinny .
    f them all

  9. Bravo Vinny Asaro!!! Shocked!!!

  10. Vinny's lawyer made Gottis lawyer bruce cutler look like a kid in the sand box. Good job lady you did good. Plus how could a jury convict a guy where the all probably loved the movie goodfellas like the rest of us. Best true story movie of all time was goodfellas all his co defendants must be kicking themselves in the butt for not going to trail.

  11. How you like that fat joe. Hope you are reading this.
    You Rat!! Enjoy your egg noodles and ketchup, smuck

  12. Congrats Vincenzo. Fuck the Feds and all rats...takes balls to go all the way...enjoy ur freedom

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