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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bonanno snitch's son visits home of recently acquitted captain

Anthony "Fat Sammy" Valenti (right) visited Vincent Asaro at his home in Queens on Saturday.

A son of a snitch stopped by to visit reputed “Goodfella” mobster Vincent Asaro at home for 90 minutes Saturday — and, astoundingly, walked out alive.
Asaro, 80, was enjoying his second morning of freedom since getting acquitted by a Brooklyn federal jury in the infamous 1978 Lufthansa heist when the unlikely guest darkened his doorstep in Queens.
It was reputed Bonanno soldier Anthony “Fat Sammy” Valenti.
The chubby mobster had sat and stewed angrily in the back of the courtroom as his turncoat father, Gaspare Valenti, testified against Asaro— unsuccessfully, as it turned out.
Naturally, one might think the son would have been less than welcome when he parked a brand-new, white Jeep Sahara directly in front of Asaro’s home on 111th Street in South Ozone Park.
Especially since Asaro initially appeared to be in a bad mood.
“I’m not talking,” the less-than-jolly “Goodfella” had told a Post reporter half an hour earlier, when he came outside to take the garbage out.
“I have nothing to say,” Asaro added.
Soon enough, that son of a snitch pulled up in his Sahara, wearing jeans, a brown polo shirt and sneakers. With him was an unidentified, er, associate.
No brush-off for this guy.
Asaro opened the door like the younger Valenti was a long-lost debtor packing a wad of compounded interest.
Brooklyn prosecutors had said Asaro was a member of the team of gangsters that lifted $6 million in cash and jewels from the JFK Airport cargo terminal, a caper immortalized in Martin Scorsese’s 1990 film,“Goodfellas.”
The elder Valenti and Asaro had been close for decades.
Then, in 2008, Valenti began recording their conversations and turning the tapes over to the feds.
Ultimately, jurors didn’t believe the elder Valenti, the star witness. They cleared the Bonanno crime-family capo of his alleged role in the heist, as well the 1969 killing of mob informant Paul Katz.
But on Saturday, the sins of the father were not visited upon the son.



  1. Hope Asaro checked him for a wire.

  2. Fat Sammy is made not just an associate. He came to court every day to support Asaro. He hates his father for what he did. So there is no bad blood between them for what the father did.

    1. Aren't you sure that to have a father as a snitch taints the son? I bet there are more than a couple of guys that spit on the ground whenever referring to Valenti senior or Jr or cousin. The Valenti's will now be known for the snitching Sr. No?

  3. the conversation was short he had a bag of cabbage a humble look on his face and a smile as he walked out the door the guy just got the pass of the century he s 80 retirement years

  4. Sammy slow down on the pasta and meatballs if u gain anymore weight your going to look like a horse.

  5. Was there a reason for Valentines ratting?
    I read he done it for money(FBI money ). Which is strange if true.

  6. Canadien Sicilians don't rat