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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Trouble at Gotti family wedding

Radio host Frank Morano picked the wrong wedding to bring a mean drunk to as his date.On Saturday, the 970AM morning man brought a woman, whose name he wouldn’t give, to the Long Island nuptials of Frank Gotti Albano, a grandson of infamous Dapper Don John Gotti, godfather of the Gambino crime family.

On Sunday, Morano told listeners that at the end of the elegant evening, “My date is drinking like crazy . . . She’s dancing all over the place.”

She also managed to offend John Gotti Jr.’s mother-in-law. When the latter woman mentioned that her dearly departed mother was a Taurus, Morano’s date screamed: “Nobody gives a s - - t about your mother. I’m a Taurus.”

A “mortified” Morano instantly apologized to everyone — the crowd included the groom’s mother, Angel Gotti, her reality-show-star sister Victoria Gotti and defense lawyer Charles Carnesi — and took his date home.



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