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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bonanno crime family ends 2015 with Staten Island Christmas party

The Staten Island shindig, at Bocelli Restaurant on Hylan Blvd., was mandatory for crime family members.
It was a “family” Christmas.

The newly minted Bonanno boss Joseph Cammarano Jr., hosted the crime family's annual Christmas party at an Italian restaurant on Staten Island that was voted one of the best eateries in the city by the Zagat guide.

The six-hour food fest was held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Dec. 16 at Bocelli Restaurant on Hylan Blvd. under the watchful eyes and cameras of the FBI and the NYPD, according to papers filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

It was mandatory attendance for the crime family's administration, which included reputed consigliere Anthony Rabito and more than a dozen capos and soldiers, the court filings say.

The Old World-style restaurant is located in a strip mall, but the Zagat guide praised the upscale food at Manhattan prices.

At the Christmas party, underlings gave family boss Joseph Cammarano Jr. envelopes stuffed with cash.

A Mafia family Christmas party is held so the mob minions make a pilgrimage to the boss and give him an envelope stuffed with cash.

Former boss Joseph Massino used to hold the party in his restaurant, Casablanca, in Queens.

Cammarano, 56, controls the family's "day-to-day criminal activities," according to court papers.

Cammarano's promotion to acting underboss and street boss, exclusively reported Monday in The Daily News, is a sign that the beleaguered family is trying to rebuild after the prosecutions and defections of its members in recent years.

Bocelli's owner did not return a call seeking comment about the Christmas party.



  1. A public gathering of the so called mafia bosses and captains of today. Not to smart fellas. The modern New York Italian mafia has become a pathetic joke. The mob operated on fear years ago who would fear these guys. Now everyone who went to that party has a target on there back.

  2. Carlo Gambino never did a day in jail why because he was the smartest of them all and never ever was in the spotlight. Are these guys for real this makes no sense how they would gather in public. What's next Facebook and Instagram and only made guys and captains are expected as friends. Lmao

  3. give 'em a break ! it's Christmas!

  4. Thanks for getting me violated cammarano. Let's all stand together on the balcony of bocelli's so the feds can take our photo. Asino ... Merry Christmas and see u when I get out