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Friday, March 18, 2016

John Gotti's grandson appears before grand jury investigating Queens car arson case

John Gotti (left), the grandson of late Gambino crime boss, arrives at Brooklyn Federal Court on Thursday.
The grandson of the late Dapper Don John Gotti appeared before a grand jury in Brooklyn federal court Thursday to answer questions about a Queens car arson, his lawyer told The Post.

John Gotti, 22, the son of the late Gambino boss’ brother, Peter Gotti, is not a defendant in the case and opted to plead the fifth, attorney Gerard Marrone said.

Last month, restaurant staffer Gino Gabrielli, also 22, was charged with torching a Mercedes Benz belonging to the owner of a rival pizzeria because they beat them out for a catering gig.
Gino Gabrielli outside Brooklyn Federal Court on Feb. 17.

Marrone insisted that Gotti had no connection to the case other than dating Gabrielli’s sister.

“He heard about what happened,” Marrone said. “That’s it. If his last name wasn’t Gotti I don’t think he would have been called in. This is just harassment.”

The lawyer added that he doesn’t expect any charges to be brought against his client. “He has nothing to add here,” he said.

Prosecutors threatened to slap the young mob scion with a contempt of court charge if he didn’t show up, Marrone said. “They pushed hard to get him in here.”

Gotti – who came to court with his father – is in the process of opening up a Howard Beach tattoo parlor named Rebel Ink.

Gabrielli – who was indicted on Wednesday – managed to light himself on fire during the arson and was caught on video sprinting away from the scene in flames.

He later told investigators he singed himself while cooking chicken soup. But records showed that he sought treatment at Jamaica Hospital after the incident and reeked of gasoline.



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