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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Judge agrees to resentence Bonanno captain

A Brooklyn federal judge agreed to resentence a Mafia boss Wednesday after the wiseguy whined that his hoodlum pals got lighter terms for the same crime.

Anthony Pipitone

Bonanno capo Anthony “Little Anthony” Pipitone was charged with violating his probation terms for attending a Christmas bash held by crime family members at a Staten Island restaurant.

Two other cons, busted at the same event, were sentenced to a year and day in prison by Judge Nicholas Garaufis. After scolding Pipitone, 43, for his stupidity, Garaufis shocked the gangster and his lawyer, James Kousouros, by giving him a two-year term.

Kousouros, noting the sentence discrepancy and claiming Pipitone has reformed, asked for a chance to be heard at a later date.

Garaufis agreed to an April 18 sentencing when he said, sarcastically, he wanted to hear more on the mobster’s supposed rehabilitation.



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