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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bail set for Bonanno mobsters after mistrial

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It’s about "effing" time.

Bail was set for four Bonanno "bad boys" who have been behind bars for three years in light of Tuesday’s mistrial, as a Manhattan prosecutor fought their release by disclosing that colorful insults and threats from jail were hurled his way.

Heavy-set hothead Anthony "Skinny" Santoro was recorded on a jail phone calling Assistant District Attorney Gary Galperin a "j--k off" and letting loose on what he'd like to do to his courtroom foe, the prosecutor said.

Santoro said he "would like to see this prosecutor on fire" and "see this prosecutor burn to death," Galperin continued, as laughter erupted around the courtroom during the three hour conference Wednesday.

The oversized joker also griped that "this whole court process is an 'effing' fiasco” and referred to Justice Melissa Jackson was an "effing b--ch."

Jackson oversaw pre-trial dealings in the case and was the judge who originally denied bail to the accused mafia goons.

Galperin used the verbal attacks it to beef up his argument that Santoro and his alleged associates are a dangerous crowd and should be kept behind bars.

"This all shows his contempt for court," Galperin argued in an effort to keep the foursome behind bars without bail pending a verdict.

Santoro, 52, along with alleged captain Nicholas "Nicky Cigars" Santora, 73: Ernest Aiello, 36: and Vito Badamo, 53, will face a second trial likely in the fall after deliberations derailed Tuesday.

The judge set bail at $500,000 bond and $250,000 cash for all the men with the exception of Nicholas Santora. His bail was set by the judge at $1 million bond and $500,000 cash.

Badamo similarly ripped Galperin in jail calls.

Anthony “Skinny” Santoro could be free on bail despite his big mouth.

Inmates are warned that all calls are recorded so it's likely they knew that Galperin would one day hear their conversations.

Badamo also called Galperin a "j--k off" and whined that the case against him is "a scam," according to the ADA's account.

Badamo's words "should not give the court any comfort in entertaining anything less than remand," Galperin said.

They have been remanded since their arrest on an enterprise corruption indictment in 2013.

Santoro's lawyer Adam Konta said the men sitting in front of Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Mark Dwyer would not go anywhere except home.

“The only islands they're running to are Staten and Long," Konta argued.

The case was adjourned to June 23 to discuss the next trial. All four are charged with enterprise corruption, the top count, which carries a maximum of 25 years behind bars.

They could also face far less significant sentences if convicted and they all have three years of time served credit.

Dwyer declared a mistrial Tuesday after jury shenanigans and scheduling conflicts left him without 12 panelists who were able to serve.



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