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Friday, July 15, 2016

Pizzeria owner linked to cocaine ring threatened business partner

The son who’s on trial with his father for allegedly smuggling $1 million worth of cocaine into the US in yucca boxes while using the family’s Queens pizzeria as a front threatened to kill a business partner if he snitched, according to testimony Thursday.

Witness Andrew Tabarovski testified that he and his father, Mauricio, went into business in 2012 with pizza patriarch Gregorio Gigliotti and son Angelo in their international drug-trafficking operation.

Tabarovski recalled to jurors how his now-late father was allegedly threatened by Angelo one night during a poker game.

The son said his father told him, “If I opened my mouth, [Angelo] said he would kill me, my family and my kids. He said he doesn’t care about jail. He said he loved jail.” Modal Trigger
Angelo Gigliotti leaving the Federal Courthouse in Brooklyn.

Andrew, who testified under a non-prosecution agreement with feds, also said Angelo once threatened to find a different business partner “a good resting place” for swiping a $7,000 payment that was never delivered to drug dealers in Costa Rica.

Gregorio and Angelo are charged with shipping 55 kilos of cocaine from the Central American country to their produce warehouse in The Bronx and storing a cache of guns in their Corona restaurant Cucino a Modo Mio.

Gregorio – a reputed associate of Genovese capo Anthony Federicci — once allegedly flashed a gun hidden in his desk in the basement of the pizzeria, telling Andrew and Mauricio, “You need to protect the merchandise.”

Andrew testified that Gregorio allegedly showed him a half-kilo of cocaine stored in a restaurant freezer while complaining about the quality of the drugs.

On cross-examination, Andrew admitted that despite the threats, he and his dad continued to do business with the Gigliottis.

The trial continues Friday.



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