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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lucchese captain cops 33 month plea over loan threats

Luchese Capo Carmine Avellino will argue for a reduced sentence, citing his Parkinson's disease.
A longtime Lucchese capo who had insisted on going to trial this month on extortion charges, chickened out Friday and copped a plea deal.
Reputed mobster Carmine Avellino's indecision will cost him, though. He loses one point of credit for not taking the deal sooner which means he will face about four months extra behind bars under the sentencing guidelines.
Avellino, 72, admitted that he conspired with two other goons, Daniel and Michael Capra, to threaten a deadbeat who owed him $100,000. They used "an implied threat of violence based on reputation" to put a scare in the victim, Avellino told Brooklyn Magistrate Judge Marilyn Go.
When the judge asked whether Avellino meant his reputation in the Lucchese family, defense lawyer Scott Leemon nearly jumped out of his seat and clarified that his client meant his reputation in the "community."
Avellino faces up to 33 months in prison, but will argue for a reduced sentence because he is suffering from Parkinson's disease. "It seems to be getting worse," the oldfella told the judge.
The Capra brothers had previously pleaded guilty to extortion conspiracy charges in the case.



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