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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Radio host denies exchanging nude pics with John Gotti's daughter

A radio-show host says his career was ruined — and he’s now in hiding — because ex-Gambino enforcer John Alite accused him of exchanging X-rated photos with John Gotti’s daughter.
Jeff Lowman, known professionally as Jeff Canarsie, says in a new Brooklyn federal lawsuit that he lost business, including his “Mob Talk Radio” show broadcast online by Wildfire Radio, because of Alite’s libelous Facebook rant about him Oct. 3.
“John Alite used to hurt people with gun and knives, and now he’s trying to hurt people with his words and defamation,” Lowman’s lawyer, Elio Forcina, told The Post.
Alite had posted, “I was told he [Lowman] was unstable because he claims his mom as a child molested him beat him and tied him in the basement of his home,” according to the complaint filed Sunday.
Alite also asserted that Lowman, 39, traded steamy pics with the late Teflon Don’s 54-year-old daughter, Angel, the papers say.
The ex-Mafia goon has a “sick obsession with the Gotti family,’’ the lawsuit states — while Lowman was forced to leave his show to hide out in Brooklyn.
“My client feels like his life is in danger,” Forcina said.
Alite — who infamously testified against his ex-best friend, Gotti’s son, John “Junior” Gotti, in 2009 — also claimed that Lowman “threatened and robbed” a woman named Amanda, the defamation suit says.
Lowman said Alite convinced him to move in with Amanda to serve as her “protector.” But the arrangement only lasted a couple months, once Lowman realized it was just for publicity, he said.
“I quickly saw the light that the guy can’t be trusted,” Lowman said.
The radio jock said Alite was the one exploiting Amanda, an abused 18-year-old who lives in New Jersey, for good press in his newfound career as a motivational speaker and anti-bullying advocate. Lowman, 39, said he was targeted by Alite because he was going to expose this.
The radio-show host denied all of Alite’s claims and said he soon plans to resurrect his popular 2-year-old radio show, which he shut down three months ago.
“I just had to protect myself a little bit,” he said. “The minute he started spouting this garbage, a lot of the contacts I have [wouldn’t] have anything to do with me. Anything from book deals to production deals — they all went away immediately.”
Lowman is suing for unspecified damages.
Douglas Anton, a lawyer for Alite, said he wouldn’t discuss “any potential legal matters until he is legally and properly served with the lawsuit.”
“I advise this simply because there is a set of media-hungry attorneys and individuals who regularly threaten that they just did or are going to file legal actions and it never seems to happen,” Anton said in a statement.
Angel Gotti did not return requests for comment.



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