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Friday, March 3, 2017

John Travolta transforms into the Dapper Don John Gotti

Someone clearly made John Travolta an offer he couldn’t refuse with this part.

The actor, 63, stepped out with grey hair and a sharp suit in Brooklyn, New York, to play mobster John Gotti.

The Gambino family chief, who died aged 61 in 2002, was known as The Dapper Don for his classy tailoring and love of the limelight.

The film, called The Life and Death of John Gotti, is due out later this year.

Travolta has reportedly been trying to make the movie for years.

Travolta looks dapper as he portrays the mob boss

The actor is the lead in The Life and Death of John Gotti

Travolta has been trying to make the movie for years

His wife of 26 years, Kelly Preston , will play Gotti's wife, Victoria, and his daughter will play Gotti's first daughter, Angel.

Kevin Connolly, who starred in Entourage, is directing the film.



  1. Those were the days when ozone park was so unique nobody that didn't live there could never understand. The Feds should have left the Italians in charge because yes the wiped out the Italians but now the got the Mexican mafia the MS13 and the Russian mafia running everything.

    1. Yep and it will get worse, guaranteed.

    2. i 'll take italians anyday compared to these other mutts. at least we are gentleman and not animals.
      send them all back Trump.

  2. His nose and jaw line are all wrong

    1. Were you expecting a twin of Gotti to play the part...

  3. shame on you johhny t
    continuing hollywood's negative-stereotype of italian-americans.

  4. I cant wait to see what he does with the role he better do his homework if he wants to pull this off

  5. Don't do no talkin' in that apartment upstairs! SHHHH, It's in the VCR.