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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Alleged New Jersey mafia ties for President Trump's advisor

Kellyanne Conway coined the term "alternative facts" after President Trump's inauguration.
Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, is so New Jersey that her Secret Service codename is “Blueberry,” but what many may not know, is her grandfather allegedly belonged to the mafia in the 80s.

Jimmy “The Brute” DiNatale, Conway’s late grandfather, allegedly had mob ties and was a “significant criminal associate" of Nicodemo “Little Nicky” Scarfo – the heir to the Bruno crime family based in Philadelphia, according to a memorial service page and law enforcement officials who told the Philly Voice.

The page lists Kellyanne Elizabeth Fitzpatrick Conway as his granddaughter and describes DiNatale as “a reputed Bruno-Scarfo crime family associate who police say ran a gambling operation in the Hammonton area."

DiNatale allegedly made his money as a bootlegger and found multiple bars in South Jersey, officials told the newspaper. He was also accused of providing false alibis for Scarfo, and his nephews, Philip “Crazy Phil” Leonetti and Lawrence “Yogi” Merlino.

DiNatale – who appeared not to have a criminal record – was born in Trenton and died at age 69 from cancer in May 1983. His tombstone at Hammonton’s Oak Grove Cemetery even says “THE BRUTE” in all caps, the memorial page states.

His death came during Conway’s teen years.

At 16, she was crowned Miss New Jersey’s Blueberry Princess in 1986 and was later named World Champion Blueberry Packer, according to her interview with New York Magazine.

Conway has played a pivotal role in the Trump administration and became the first woman to lead a winning presidential election. She’s received criticism in past months for coining the term “alternative fact” and her mention of the non-existent Bowling Green Massacre.



  1. She's a doll and I love her and the story makes no sense we will write just anything against Donald Trump that we could find even if its 5000 years old and makes no sense

  2. Ties? its his granddaughter...so what?

  3. Everyone calm down.
    The story is just saying that her grandfather “allegedly” had had mob ties.
    I am not specking for the Five Families web site,but I believe their posting the article because its mob related.
    If someone in the Obama admin had alleged mob ties they would report that too.
    Again I have to ties to this website & I am not speaking for them. This is just my opinion

  4. I spent my entire childhood with The Brute. Most loving, caring man you could ever meet. I loved him like my very own grandfather. RIP Zio Jim.

  5. Don't you people in this country realize that anyone who lived in New York from 1905 till 2006 had mob ties. This story is so narrow minded. New York was New York sorta like it is what it is. Give this lady a break she's a gem I love her