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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

DeCavalcante soldier pleads guilty to road rage incident

A reputed mobster may have just driven himself straight back to prison.

Ex-con Jerry Balzano, an alleged soldier of the New Jersey crime family that inspired HBO’s “The Sopranos,” pleaded guilty in Brooklyn federal court Monday to violating the terms of his supervised release after he was caught on a dash-cam unleashing road rage on another driver.

Balzano admitted in court to “intentionally” striking the other driver, at which point an unidentified member of the alleged wiseguy’s family loudly sighed in the gallery.

Balzano, a reputed member of the DeCavalcante crime family, was driving on Route 17 upstate when he suddenly stopped in front of another car, got out and began beating the guy up, according to the video footage and audio.

“You want to play f—— games, you little c———!” Balzano yells at the other driver. “You want to cut me off like a tough guy?”

The driver’s wife can be heard frantically calling 911 as the purported Mafioso pummels her spouse.

“Someone is hitting my husband!” she screams, before a thud is heard, she yelps, “Oh my gosh!”

The angry 54-year-old tough guy then gets back in his car and speeds away, despite not being licensed to operate a vehicle, according to court papers.

Balzano’s court appearance came a mere two weeks after Bonanno crime-family capo Vinny Asaro — who was famously acquitted of orchestrating the 1978 Lufthansa heist —was nabbed on road-rage-related arson charges.

Balzano faces up to two years behind bars for his beat-down.

Balzano already served nearly two years in prison when he was caught up in a wide-ranging racketeering sweep in 2011. His rap involved the peddling of illegal cigarettes, as well as tax fraud.

He had been released on supervised parole, then landed on the feds’ radar again for lying about having a gun and ammo. That rap netted him a few more months in the slammer.

He is slotted to return to court May 16 for sentencing.



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