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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Elderly Bonanno captain linked to 1978 Lufthansa heist couldn't get up after jailhouse shower fall

Someone get this wiseguy a MedicAlert.

The aging Bonanno capo who famously dodged prison after being brought to trial for the 1978 Lufthansa heist ​made famous in “Goodfellas,” ​slipped and fell in the jailhouse shower last week — and couldn’t get up.

Macedonio added ​that ​her client​ was only discovered lying on the shower-room tile ​floor ​because she miraculously went to visit him that day.Vincent Asaro, 82, looked stiff and haggard during a brief appearance in ​Brooklyn federal court Monday for his new arson case, as defense attorney Elizabeth Macedonio told Judge Allyne Ross her client was hospitalized after the shower slip at the M​anhattan Detention Complex.

Asaro, who’s been in special housing since his March arrest for allegedly ordering henchmen, including John Gotti’s namesake grandson, to torch another driver’s car, was also diagnosed with high blood pressure and dehydration after the fall.

“He’s not receiving the medical care he needs to survive,” Macedonio told the judge, adding Asaro has undergone two coronary bypasses in the past and was extremely “disoriented” during their last visit.

According to the feds, the reputed capo was driving through Queens in 2012 when another motorist cut him off​ ​–​ ​infuriating Asaro so much he tracked down the man and ordered associates to torch the car as revenge.

The firebugs allegedly included the Teflon Don’s namesake grandson, who grinned and joked with his attorney Gerard Marrone as he sat beside the scowling mafia big Monday.

Macedonio and attorneys for the other five co-defendants are pushing for a speedy trial, which could begin as early as August of this year.

“I have an 82-year-old client,” the lawyer explained when asked about the rush. “There’s just no reason for any delay.”

Asaro has also been subject to 24-hour lock-down since his arrest, and isn’t even given a daily hour for exercise, she said. Macedonio indicted she intends to file a bail application shortly, in addition to requesting the judge cleave Asaro’s case from the others.

Meanwhile, Marrone said the young John Gotti–who was sentenced to ​eight years in prison after pleaded guilty to drug-related charges in March​ ​– is enjoying federal lock-up more than state, and is back in general population.

“We’re happy about the prospects of an early trial,” Marrone said, adding his client is “doing much better” and is back to working out.

His doting parents, Peter and Patricia Gotti, declined comment as they left court.



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