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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Judge denies $2 million bail package for aging Bonanno captain after threats surface

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A Brooklyn federal judge rejected the bail bid of "Goodfellas" gangster Vinny Asaro Thursday, days after the feds accused the aging mobster of trying to arrange the murder of a prosecutor on his arson case.
Judge Allyne Ross brushed off Asaro's $2 million bail package, saying the charges — having a car torched that cut in his traffic lane — and the new claims of a rub-out all combined to show "just how volatile, dangerous and violent the defendant remains."
Asaro denied making any threats. But Ross said the fact that authorities even had to investigate the incident showed there were “credible threats warranting a response.”
The judge said it made no difference if the 82-year Bonanno capo had health problems, as the defense argued. The high-ranking gangster only had to communicate his intentions to others in order to put people at risk, Ross said.
In 2015, Asaro was acquitted on charges that he was involved in the 1978 Luftansa heist immortalized in the 1990 gangland opus "Goodfellas."
But prosecutors indicted Asaro in March for having a car charred by mobster minions in 2012 when the driver cut in his lane. They nabbed him, plus six others who were accused of other crimes like a bank robbery and jewelry store stick-ups.
Asaro was held without bail when arrested on the new case.
And that's when prosecutors said an inmate passing through the Metropolitan Detention Center heard the alleged threats.
"We need to handle this and do something about this b---h," Asaro allegedly told another defendant in his case. According to sources, the person referred to is Assistant U.S. Attorney Nicole Argentieri, who wasn't at Thursday's court clash.
Another time, Asaro allegedly said, "We need to do something about this b---h, and not f--k it up like Vinny. We need to handle this."
"Vinny," according to the prosecution, is the onetime acting Bonanno boss Vincent Basciano who tried to get the prosecutor on his case whacked.
On Tuesday, Asaro's lawyer, Elizabeth Macedonio, said her client "adamantly denies" the allegations he was putting out any sort of hit request.
And even at the very best, Macedonio said this was "an angry, 82-year-old man sitting in prison lamenting he was back in prison" in the sights of the same government team that came at him in the Luftansa case.
Macedonio said she's had hundreds of defense clients through the years who've complained about the prosecutors on their case.
There was "nothing special except for the fact that the government is going after Mr. Asaro yet again."
The murder threat investigation turned up zilch, Macedonio said, noting authorities found no plans or anything in visitor logs and recorded calls.
She noted Asaro was thrown in the special housing during the investigation — but now he's back in general jail population with the other reputed Bonanno members and associates.
Asaro posed no danger to the community, she said. He's been minding his business since his 2015 acquittal, Macedonio said. The old-timer's been acting like any other old-timer — "cooking dinner, eating dinner, enjoying his family."
Assistant U.S. Attorney Keith Edelman said Asaro was doing more making blustery chit chat behind bars. He made "multiple, specific serious threats regarding a prosecutor," Edelman said.
In Asaro's world, phrases like "do something" and "handle this" were "specific words with specific meaning ... it’s murder."
Asaro's family and supporters blew him kisses and said "we love you" as he was taken out of court. They declined to comment outside the courtroom.
Macedonio told reporters she was "disappointed" the judge "relied on the government's baseless allegations. Now we're going to focus on the trial."
Asaro's trial is scheduled for August.



  1. Hopefully the USAO secures a change in venue in this case to prevent any biased jurors during voir dire or any form of jury tampering. For the better of New York City, it's worth picking up the tab for relocation of the Judge, Attorneys, Defendants and Marshals if it means securing a conviction and getting this POS off NY's streets for good! These guys don't care if they take out a Judge or Prosecutor and as history has proven, this is all they know and it's difficult to get an unbiased jury in these Mob cases when community-wide biases exist. There's approximately 8.5 million people in NYC metro alone, about 3.5 of those are Italian. Although that absurd code of silence referred to as, "Omerta" has long been broken, there's still more Italians that believe in that than not. As for the rest of the population, there's a large majority of people who idolize these criminals. Most of them don't know what these guys are capable of. Most of them have not been "on the inside" and haven't seen what actually goes on in that life "from the inside". Most have formed their opinions of organized crime after watching "Goodfellas" or "Casino". The chance of getting any of these people on a Jury are too high to even chance it.

    Although parasites like this guy have a long history of murder and other crimes, they somehow appeal to the public and claim they are either “no longer in the life” or they are “sick” and “ailing” or “poor and elderly” and just want to spend what little remaining time they have on this Earth with their grandchildren and playing with puppies or being "Mother Theresa". I personally know several high-ranking members, from Boss down, who have used the same excuse to their advantage. One, in particular used the excuse of prior cardio bypass as an excuse for leniency. The Court bought it. What the Court didn’t know (or failed to see), was that he was committing crimes, shaking people down, threatening people and giving Orders even before he got out of jail. Asaro and his attorney are doing the same thing and whining about his so-called poor health. It’s a tool they use to seek leniency. That’s all it is, a “tool”. There is NO such thing as a Mobster or Wiseguy that is “too old” or “two sick” to commit a crime or to commit murder. That doesn't exist!

    I once heard a Wiseguy talk about his high-ranking Wiseguy/murderer/father to a group of church members. He mentioned his ailing father that was “blind” from age and poor health and that he was in jail and would be 100 yrs old when he got out of jail. Then I heard the church members sigh and “aw” and express their condolences. What the son failed to tell the congregation was that his father, at his old age, was still calling the shots and still giving orders and still shaking people down and threatening to kill people and still committing crimes although he was 93 and will continue to do so when he’s release in June of this year, 2017.

    The public seems to feed on that and actually buy into that garbage but what they fail to see, what I have seen personally, is that after the “poor me” speech, these guys are passing messages to/from lockup, thru their families and friends. When their families visit, even their wives, grandparent and children, messages are passed. To clarify a long misconception, there isn’t a wife or girlfriend, or mother in existence in the Mob life that doesn’t or hasn’t known what her husband or boyfriend or son does for a living. [CONTINUED BELOW]

  2. [CONTINUED] If a mobster orders a hit on a Federal Prosecutor or Judge or any person, that’s because they expect it to be carried out. In that “life” one does not “joke” about such things or even mention a “hit” on somebody ever in a joking manner. And for somebody as ruthless and evil as this person is in the article, being responsible for yet another person’s murder is nothing new. The worst case scenario is that he’ll face yet another Indictment and possibly another Trial for yet, another murder, but this time it’s a Federal Prosecutor. Then, he’ll go free again, after a Mistrial or Acquittal or because of something that was “mishandled” in his case or because a Federal Agent “lost” the evidence against him. The People have heard this to many times!
    And he won't care because these wiseguys always “give the order” to carry out a hit. Meaning, they don't have the stones to do it themselves. They solicit others to do it for them. Then, they try to blame the hitman.

    The New York Daily News and the New York Post will write about this Prosecutor for about a weak and then everybody will go on about their lives and people will forget all about this Prosecutor who was only doing her job - her duty! The families of these victims are the ones that seek but never receive closure, nor do they ever receive Justice. Our Prosecutors, whether on a county, state or federal level, have taken an Oath to protect the public and bring criminals like this man to justice. This is the second time that a mobster has ordered a hit on a Federal Prosecutor in the Eastern District, simply because they claim the Government is prosecuting them for no reason. As this murderer’s attorney has claimed, he blames the Prosecutor and the FBI for his being in jail. Nevermind the fact that he’s committed a federal crime that put him there and he’s a life criminal and a murder and he DESERVES to be locked up for the rest of his life.

    As a person who knows and has seen what mobsters like Asaro are capable of, the best thing for New York City is to get him off the street for good. If holding a Trial in NYC means this man walking away with an Acquittal or Mistrial and the People of NYC not being safe simply because of a biased Jury, then a Change of Venue is a constitutionally adequate remedy for securing an impartial Jury to help make NYC safe! I’m happy to see that he wasn’t granted bail. Once these guys are cut loose on bail, pending Trial, they use that time to conspire with other wiseguys. And they know they’re being watched but that doesn’t stop them. They know they can’t consort with other known organized crime members (wiseguys) so they use somebody (a wiseguy) who doesn’t have a criminal record on file to pass info to other members. The use the “funeral” or “wake” or “sick mother or child” as an excuse to meet with other wiseguys and pass info. It’s much easier than doing it in jail and over the phone. Although they do that as well. I know Wiseguys that are still able to go to visit other Wiseguys (even Bosses) in prison and pass messages.
    But they're able to do it because they don't have a record and so their name doesn't trigger a red flag on a Wiseguys visitation list. Hopefully the Eastern District will take this threat seriously enough to NOT cut him any deals as they have done in the past. Hopefully this threat will be taken seriously enough to know that by the time the news has posted an article like this, a couple of other degenerates like him have probably already driven past their home or family member’s work or school and by the time a Prosecutor even gets wind of a hit on them, these guys already know where they live and how to reach their families.

  3. This is a witch hunt simply because he embarrassed the feds.it came out at his last trial he's a joke has no power or respect.enough already