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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Body of Lucchese family associate pulled from Brooklyn waters

A man's body was pulled out of the
The body of Brooklyn man pulled out of the water on Saturday has been identified as that of a low-level mob associate, law enforcement sources said.
Carmine Carini, 35, was found encased in a blue tarp and weighted down by a concrete block, floating off a dock in the 63rd Precinct in South Brooklyn, said sources who didn’t want to be identified.
Carini was arrested in 2003 on charges that he was part of gang which went on a robbery spree which victimized 10 people, allegedly threatening them with a bat and machete. State records show that Carini spent about five years in state prison for the crime. His parole ended in 2015.
Police considered Carini a low-level associate of the Lucchese crime family and are looking into whether Carini’s death is related to long standing problems within the crime group. Carini suffered blunt trauma injury and skull fractures, as well as stab wounds, sources said.
Carini’s father, also named Carmine, 57, was once sentenced to state prison for 25 years to life in 1985 for shooting a man to death. But the murder conviction of the elder Carini was overturned when two former members of the mob told prosecutors that someone else actually committed the crime. In 2007, the elder Carini plead guilty to federal charges related to a robbery conspiracy and sentenced to 10 years in prison. He was released in July, prison records showed.
Carini’s family couldn’t be immediately located for comment.



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