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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Gambino associate looks into the finances of female prosecutor

An obsessive Gambino crime-family associate has become so fixated on his female prosecutor he’s trying to dig into her finances, it was revealed in court Thursday.
Battista “Benny” Geritano is seeking Assistant US Attorney Lindsay Gerdes’ financial disclosure forms, Brooklyn federal court judge Sterling Johnson Jr. informed her after the mobster, who spent the proceeding leering at her, was hauled out by federal marshals.
News of the odd request came after the 45-year-old shot Gerdes — who put him behind bars for a 2013 stabbing and is now handling his federal extortion case — an unsolicited thumbs up from his seat at the defense table.
She ignored him.
The self-proclaimed “sovereign, Christian male” was found fit Thursday to be arraigned on charges he used the mailing system at Green Haven prison to send death threats to various people. An initial attempt to arraign him in May flopped because the cad was too focused on impressing a female court clerk to proceed.
Geritano first made headlines when he beat charges of stabbing the owner of popular Brooklyn pizza spot Lucali in 2011 over a love triangle. The case collapsed when eatery owner and victim Mark Iacono refused to testify against his former pal.
But Gerdes, who was then a Brooklyn Assistant DA, got a jury to convict Geritano on charges related to yet another knifing in 2013. He’s currently serving a 12-year-term for that hack job.
Geritano kept his eyes trained on the pretty prosecutor throughout the proceeding, only ripping them away when he was led out.
He’s due back in court Sept. 28.



  1. Not to smart buddy ur a knowbody and brain dead with rocks in ur head for messing with federal prosecutors. This will ensure Amy judge on the planet to make sure your life will be behind bars. These are the guys we call mafia today what a joke.

    1. 100% your right, clowns like this asshole shouldn't be allowed out of their neighborhood... Clowns belong locked in a closet

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