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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Grandmother writes letter to judge asking for leniency for John Gotti's grandson

John J. Gotti may be a criminal to the feds — but to his 75-year-old grandmother he is a “beautiful young man, sensitive loving and kind.’’
In a letter to the Allyne Ross, the Brooklyn federal judge who will sentence him on arson charges, Victoria Gotti Sr. writes “he is my baby.
“I adore him and pray that he will have the opportunity to be a productive member of society again.’’
She expressed the “fervent hope that I live long enough to see him come home again before I die.’’
Hers’ were among some two dozen letters from family and friends pleading for mercy when Ross sentences the 24-year-old.
One of his grandfathers, John Radice, admitted, “through no fault of his own my grandson had two grandfathers who were probably not the best role models. . . . When I came home from prison in 2001, I tried to lead all my grandkids on a straight path.’’
Radice put a large part of the blame on “cunning and powerful’’ drugs.
Gotti’s dad, Peter, wrote that at age 17, “Johnny started messing around with opioids and steroids. . . I allowed the struggles of my own life to prevent me from saving his. . . I was blessed enough to rise away from the streets, and I am 100 percent certain that given the chance to, my son John will.’’
John was found guilty of following orders to set ablaze a car belonging to a man involved in a road rage incident with another mobster.
The sentencing date has not been set.



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