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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Bonanno captain asks to leave jail to see doctor

A geezer Bonanno capo who avoided prison for his suspected role in the 1978 JFK Airport-Lufthansa heist​ now wants a Brooklyn judge to let him out of jail for medical treatment as he awaits sentencing for ordering a hit — on a car.
Reputed wiseguy Vincent Asaro’s attorney Elizabeth Macedonio wrote letters to a judge last week asking for emergency bail after visiting the 82-year-old “Goodfellas” gangster at the Metropolitan Detention Center and seeing him “incoherent and unable to leave the visiting room on his own power,” according to the Dec. 20 letter.
Prosecutors want Asaro locked up for 15 years for having his cronies, including the namesake grandson of the late Gambino boss of bosses John Gotti, torch the car of a driver who mistakenly cut him off in traffic in 2012.
Macedonio said Asaro had been taken to the hospital five times while in jail including once for heart surgery in October and she claims that Asaro received, “sub-par care” while at the federal lockup including receiving incorrect dosages of his medicines.
“Mr. Asaro’s health has clearly taken a dramatic turn for the worse and the MDC is incapable of caring for him. His cardiac situation is so severe it is remarkable that he has survived this long given the care he has received,” Macedonio wrote in the letter.
Asaro notoriously avoided prison for his involvement in the nearly $6 million robbery of the Lufthansa cargo terminal on Dec. 11, 1978, which was famously recreated in Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas.”



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