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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Feds send Bonanno consigliere back to jail for violating parole restrictions by visiting restaurants

Reputed Bonanno crime family mobster John “Porky” Zancocchio let his appetite get the best of him.
The 60-year-old accused goodfella was allowed out of his house — where he had been on electronically monitored home incarceration — strictly to attend a family funeral but couldn’t control himself and visited two restaurants and a bakery as well, according to court documents.
Prosecutors claim this was a violation of the conditions of his bail and Zancocchio was tossed back behind bars for the move, pending his case.
Zancocchio — who was arrested last month with nine other alleged wise guys on racketeering charges — was allowed out of his home for his aunt’s wake, Mass and burial on Feb. 11 and 12.
But Zancocchio — who had been out of jail on a $1 million bond — was caught violating his furlough both days visiting three joints on Staten Island — including a restaurant he co-owned with Gambino family captain Frank Camuso called Bella Mama Rose, according to court documents.
On the evening of his aunt’s wake, Zancocchio was seen sitting at the bar of his restaurant chatting with customers, prosecutors claim in court papers. The next day after the burial he was spotted at another restaurant called Denino’s, they charge.
Bonanno crime family consigliere John Zancocchio is seen during his stop in Bella Mama Rose on Feb. 11
And before heading home from his two days of freedom, Zancocchio allegedly stopped into a bakery.
The accused mobster’s lawyer, John Meringolo said, “The FBI surveillance team uncovered my client having dinner with his 80-year-old cousins. It’s customary for Catholics to have a meal with their family in between the wake.
“He wasn’t with any felons or anyone alleged with organized crime,” Meringolo added.
Zancocchio is accused alongside other quirky-nicknamed alleged mobsters including Lucchese crime family mobster Eugene “Boobsie” Castelle; Albert “Al Muscles” Armetta; alleged acting capo George “Grumpy” Tropiano; Joseph “Joey Blue Eyes” Santapaolo; and alleged Genovese mobster Ernest “Butch” Montevecchi.
The men are accused of crimes including violent extortion, loansharking, mail fraud, drug dealing and conspiracy to commit murder.
Zancocchio faces up to 20 years in federal custody if convicted.
In 2002, Zancocchio was convicted in another case alongside his then-wife, Lana, on extortion and fraud charges and served over six years in prison for those crimes.
Zancocchio, an alleged bookie, had MLB player Pete Rose as one of his gambling clients, a source confirmed.



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