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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Genovese gangster found with list of made members must pay for armed security when he leaves jail

The son of Vincent “The Chin” Gigante must pay to have armed guards stationed at his Upper East Side home when he leaves jail, a judge ruled in Manhattan court on Friday.
Vincent Esposito — an alleged “person of influence” in the Genovese crime family — is charged in a long-running racketeering scheme alongside five other reputed wise guys for extortion and other crimes.
Esposito, 50, has been in federal lockup since his arrest in January after prosecutors appealed a judge’s earlier decision to grant him bail on strict home incarceration. He’s been fighting to be released ever since.
Manhattan federal judge Victor Marrero set an expedited trial date for the men so as to reduce costs to Esposito in funding round-the-clock armed guards to monitor him.
His lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, claims it would cost Esposito $1 million a year to employ the private security guards who would accompany Esposito on visits to see his lawyer to review some 172 hours of recordings that prosecutors have turned over to the defendants.
Lichtman and prosecutors still have to iron out the final bail proposal before Esposito can be released.
But Lichtman says he intends to appeal Marrero’s decision and said he doesn’t know whether Esposito will take advantage of the costly bail option or simply remain in jail until trial begins on Sept. 24.
Among other crimes, Esposito and two co-defendants are accused of shaking down a union official yearly from 2001 through 2015, threatening him with “force and violence.”
At Esposito’s arrest, the feds found millions in cash at Esposito’s home along with two guns, brass knuckles and lists of made members of “La Cosa Nostra.”
Esposito’s dad — who earned the name the “Oddfather” for walking around Greenwich Village wearing pajamas and slippers — used to be the head of the Genovese family.



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