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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Aging Bonanno captain whines to judge about stiff sentence

An aging gangster says he's getting shafted with a stiff sentence for a car arson — all because he managed to beat a bigger case years earlier.
Bonanno capo Vincent Asaro, 83, says eight years in prison is over the top for a conviction on ordering the 2012 torching of a car that cut him off.
Asaro said the reason the prison term is so out of whack is that Judge Allyne Ross wrongly weighed his 2015 acquittal in a trial where the feds tried linking him to a 1969 murder and the infamous 1978 Lufthansa heist.
"Even though the jury, by acquitting Mr. Asaro of all charges, flatly rejected the veracity and credibility of the government's witnesses, Judge Ross nevertheless gave full credit to them," Asaro's lawyer wrote to the Second Circuit.
Asaro's pressing for the appeals court to make another judge resentence him.
Ross sentenced Asaro in December for the arson case. He pleaded guilty in the matter last summer, but he would've gone to trial if he knew this was the sentence he'd get, according to attorney Richard Langone.
The prison term is about three times the length of federal guideline recommendations, court papers say.
Federal prosecutors asked Ross to sentence Asaro to 15 years, which, Langone said, was "a virtual death sentence to this unhealthy octogenarian."
According to Langone, "the appearance of vengeful retaliation (or 'pay back') for the 2015 acquittal was palpable from the government's arguments during the sentencing on the arson."



  1. I have to agree with Asaro. They shafted him cuz he beat the Big case. The judge even said in her sentencing that she believed the government proved their case against him in the luftansa case and she factored that in which is total BS.

  2. It should be against the damn law to pull some shit like that. If a man beats a case he beats the case, over and done! These new charges should have nothing to do with the old case but our government and all these agency's are corrupt as fuck!