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Friday, May 18, 2018

Volatile mobster played Russian Roulette with former girlfriend and child

A reputed Gambino wiseguy, who faces charges for sending death threats to his former lawyer, once callously risked his ex-gal pal’s life playing a twisted game of Russian roulette, Brooklyn federal prosecutors say.
Battista “Benny” Geritano played sick mind games with his ex and their daughter in 1994 and the feds want to tell a jury about it at his upcoming trial, new court documents reveal.
Prosecutors say Geritano, 45, forced his former flame and their 4-year-old child to come to his Brooklyn apartment where, “as the former girlfriend held their daughter in her arms, [Geritano] put one bullet into a revolver, pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger.”
Her life was spared as the gun didn’t fire, though it’s unclear if the chamber was empty or if it malfunctioned.
Prosecutors say Geritano’s former lawyer — who repped him in a 2012 Bay Ridge stabbing case for which he was convicted and is serving 12 years prison — knew about Geritano’s history of domestic violence because it was described in sentencing papers.
Therefore, the lawyer had reason to take the death threats — which were aimed at the attorney’s son — seriously.
“Among other things, the sentencing letter details numerous alleged acts of domestic violence [Geritano] committed against two women, including a sexual assault, a stabbing, menacing with a knife and razor blade, death threats, and incident involving Russian roulette, and repeated acts of witness intimidation,” the court papers claim.
Geritano beat a 2011 rap for a knife fight he had with a Carroll Gardens pizzeria owner but heads to trial on June 11 in his current extortion case.
He allegedly stabbed the Lucali restaurant owner, Mark Iacono, in a dispute over a woman, but the case fell apart when Iacono refused to testify against his former friend.
Geritano’s current lawyer, Walter Mack said, “You can be certain there will be a response in writing.”
Mack asked why the 1994 alleged threats, “would have any place in a trial that is designed to cover something that occurred in 2016 and 2017.”


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