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Monday, July 30, 2018

Bonanno captain nicknamed Porky complains that prison food is killing him

An accused wiseguy known as “Porky,” who got tossed in jail because he couldn’t lay off the lasagna, now says prison food is killing him.
Reputed Bonanno crime family captain John “Porky” Zancocchio — who gained a measure of notoriety as gambling-addicted baseball legend Pete Rose’s bookie — says he’s being offered nothing but empty carbs in jail and he wants out.
The 60-year-old says his already fragile health has been on the decline since he was tossed into Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center in February, due in part to “inadequate dietary supplementation.”
“The dietary regimen at the MCC, which consists nearly entirely of sugar and carbohydrates, dangerously exasperates his condition,” lawyer John Meringolo said in a letter to the judge.
The alleged bookmaker and loanshark, a cancer survivor with “chronic diabetes,” has been suffering from numbness in his leg and prison medical staff have detected a spot on his lung, which it then failed to follow up on, his lawyer said.
Zancocchio wants to be released to home detention or transferred to a medical facility in Devens, Mass., Meringolo told the judge.
Manhattan federal court Judge Alvin Hellerstein is expected to consider the request at a bail hearing Monday.
Zancocchio was tossed into federal custody in February — one month after he was arrested on racketeering charges — after his appetite got the best of him.
The feds claimed Zancocchio violated his $1 million bail package while on furlough for an aunt’s funeral in Staten Island, where he was caught spending hours at Bella Mama Rose, a Staten Island restaurant “that he owns along with Frank Camuso, a captain in the Gambino Organized Crime Family of La Cosa Nostra.”
Following the burial the next day, he went to another Staten Island eatery instead of going home and then “stopped inside a bakery to greet people,” the feds said.
Zancocchio, who built a multi-million bookmaking business while married to his former boss’s daughter Lana Graziano Zanococchio, was busted in an FBI roundup in January that nabbed nine other accused mobsters.
He has been charged with racketeering and extortion conspiracy and faces up to 40 years if convicted.



  1. Family cussins uncle's classmates and family's. I'm in trouble.

  2. He is related to mob wives renee graziano. He is her brother in law....once married to her older sister Lana. They have 3 kids together. Wouldnt be surprised if theyre being hard on him because they know hes related by marriage to a graziano.

  3. Graziano is on the shelf,his days are over

    1. Home is a good place to be especially when hes not well dealing with whatever cancer he has. Spend time with his daughters and great grand son.

  4. It’s sad all because of his ex-son in law he’s shelved. Mr.Graziano was a stand up guy. Made good money for the family and kept his mouth shut

    1. Yes very sad. Even his daughters 2 of them have problems drug and criminal related. Just read on gangland news this week porkys lawyer is trying to refute claims that the feds are making him an informant. Wouldnt be surprised if he is one though it would be sad for mr graziano having 2 son in laws being informants though.