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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Genovese soldier ordered to forfeit cash and spend two years in prison

A Staten Island man who authorities said helped run a mob family's racketeering and gambling operations is $125,000 in the hole after a federal judge ordered him to forfeit that amount of cash to the government.
The forfeiture was part of Steven Pastore's sentence, which also included two years in prison and two years' supervised release, authorities said.
In February, the defendant pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court to racketeering conspiracy.
Two years earlier, in May 2016, Pastore was among 18 suspects charged with racketeering activities allegedly carried out by the Genovese organized crime family.
Pastore, a "made" member and soldier in the family, conspired with others from 2008 through the spring of 2016 to participate in the Genovese's criminal affairs, said Manhattan federal prosecutors.
Members are "made" when they show the ability to generate income for the family "and/or the willingness to commit acts of violence," according to an indictment filed against the defendants.
Pastore was charged with racketeering conspiracy and participating in an illegal gambling business, authorities said.
Prosecutors said wire taps showed Pastore had been in the gambling business for years.
In court filings, authorities said evidence revealed Pastore was paid more than $125,000 in the gambling operation.
However, Vivian Shevitz, Pastore's lawyer, contended in court papers the government had "misconstrue(d)" his role in the gambling business. She maintained he was only involved for four months, from September 2014 to January 2015.
Shevitz said Pastore had worked as a plumber for 35 years until becoming completely disabled in 2009.
Pastore, who public records indicate lives in Arden Heights, has a history of gambling crimes.
In 2005, he was charged in New Jersey federal court with racketeering and pleaded guilty to participating in an illegal gambling business run by the Genovese family, said the indictment.



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