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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Lucchese soldier cops plea deal for tracking down and trying to to kill government cooperator

The mob’s Mr. Magoo took a page from “The Sopranos’’ to try to exterminate a rat — but he botched the job.
Joseph “Joey Glasses’’ Datello — whose eyesight is so poor he couldn’t read a special large-type statement without the help of his lawyer in White Plains federal court Monday — copped to the crime as part of a plea deal.
Datello was caught on wiretaps discussing his vendetta against former business associate Sean Richard, prosecutors said.
The Lucchese soldier, 67, was stewing because Richard left him holding the bag on a $200,000 debt to the mob that the pair had racked up. Richard also turned state’s evidence against Datello and his fellow goodfellas, the feds said.
The Staten Island wiseguy was worried about getting “clipped’’ over the debt, prosecutors said.
Then Datello learned Richard was living in New Hampshire, so he headed north in 2016 and “lay in wait’’ to kill him, prosecutors said.
The move echoed mob boss Tony Soprano in the HBO series, when he hunts down Mafioso-turned-FBI informant Fabian Petrulio and strangles him in Maine.
But Datello failed to kill Richard. He was charged with the planned hit last year.
He is expected to get 14 to 17 and a half years as part of the deal.



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