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Monday, May 27, 2019

Former Bonanno consigliere linked to Mob Wives stars dies at age 78

Reputed Bonanno crime family consigliere Anthony Graziano, whose daughter Renee starred on the reality show “Mob Wives,” has died at age 78.
The passing of the Staten Island-born gangster known as “T.G.” was announced Saturday by Renee in a heartfelt Instagram posting. Her sister Jennifer was the creator of the popular VH-1 program that reportedly caused problems for the Graziano patriarch with his organized crime colleagues.
“I can’t believe you’re gone, life will never be the same without you,” wrote Renee. “My hero, my protector, my rock, my dad and the best man in the world ... We sure are gonna miss you ... rest in peace Daddy.”
Graziano, owner of a seventh-grade education, became a well-respected gangster and top family earner who moved up through the Bonanno ranks to capo and then consigliere under boss Joseph "Big Joey" Massino — who eventually flipped and became a federal witness.
In contrast, Graziano’s reputation among his fellow Mafiosi was sterling. A co-defendant, once asked if Graziano could ever turn on his mob compatriots, ridiculed the idea: “Are you nuts? That man is a man and a half.”
Graziano was famously ratted out by his son-in-law Hector Pagan, who wore a wire in a case that stuck Graziano with a 19-month prison sentence in 2012.
He previously did time for a 1990 conviction for tax evasion, and served another prison term for a 2002 racketeering conviction.
Graziano’s disdain for his daughters’ television careers led him to stop speaking with them for a period of time until fences were mended. And there were reports that the daughters’ involvement in the reality show led his fellow mobsters to take away many of the father’s organized crime responsibilities.



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