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Monday, September 23, 2019

Feds dont want to release Peter Gotti on compassionate grounds


The feds aren’t feeling much compassion for Peter Gotti.
The 79-year-old former Gambino boss begged for compassionate release earlier this summer — asking to be sprung 17 years into his 25-year sentence due to medical issues including an enlarged prostate, gastric reflux and early onset dementia.
But prosecutors think the aging mafioso still poses a “substantial danger to the community” despite his laundry list of ailments, they wrote in a letter filed Monday.
“Gotti argues that he is incapable of his violence due to his age and medical condition,” writes Assistant US Attorney Jun Xiang while insisting that argument should be rejected.
“The danger posed by a Gambino Family leader like Gotti is not that he will personally engage in acts of violence, but that he can command others to do so.”
Gotti served as the acting boss of the Gambino organized crime family from 1999 to 2002, according to court papers, and spent an estimated $70,000 on failed attempts to hunt down Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano after the turncoat landed his brother John Gotti behind bars.
A judge has yet to rule on the request.
Gotti is serving time in a North Carolina federal lockup and is slated for release in 2032.



  1. Jr gotti is a rat everybody knows the gottis got kicked out of the mob years ago he ratted on joe watts and other made guys jr gotti has no respect in the underworld guy walks ard like he aint a snitch him and michael franzese 2 rats michael ratted out his sports agency partner just because the guy aint a mobster dosent mean u didnt rat anybody out u clown and no wiseguy sitsdown w the feds thats a no no jr gotti had 2 proper302sesssions w them a big no no in the mob gave up info on his guys another clown!!!!! Peter gotti is 80 if he did 17yrs and he has a 25yr sentence for bullshit why is his release date 2032 it should be 2027?peter didnt rat but everybody knows the gottis got kicked 2 the curb to say an 80yr old is a danger to the community is a lil ridiculous.

    1. 100% agree with you. It's sad that they hate John Gotti Sr. and the name Gotti so much that even 17 years after his death they still have a vendetta against him. Peter was never seen as a brilliant criminal or even remotely capable of handling such a vast enterprise, people only followed his rule because of his brother. Just let the man out of jail so he can go home and spend the few years he has left with his family just as Gene is able to.