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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Prosecutor mocks Lucchese soldier's failed jail break

A Lucchese soldier who plotted to escape a lock-up using a bran-only diet and dental floss was mocked Monday by a federal prosecutor who tried to convince jurors they should convict the mobster and his cohorts.
“I want to be clear about one thing, this is a terrible plan,” Assistant US Attorney Hagan Scotten said of Christopher Londonio’s 2017 plot, which was foiled when his cellmate David Evangelista ratted him out to authorities.
The questionable scheme involved a priest smuggling in a hacksaw, Londonio sawing through the window with dental floss, squeezing out a window and climbing nine stories down 17 sets of knotted bed sheets to the parking lot below.
But first, the formerly 350-pound mafioso planned to drop over 100 pounds to even squeeze out the window — a feat he intended to accomplish solely by eating bran cereal.
“You all saw how narrow that prison window was,” Scotten told jurors. “He’s going to lower himself out a ninth-story window with sheets tied together … I don’t think Mr. Londonio has a mountaineering background.”
Londonio did lose the weight — but his attorney John Meringolo said it happened after he was thrown in solitary for the failed stunt.
Scotten’s comments came during closing arguments in the federal racketeering trial of Londonio and associates Matthew Madonna, Terrence Caldwell and Steven Crea.
The quartet are facing various charges, including murder, for the execution-style shooting for Purple Gang leader Michael Meldish in 2013.
Prosecutors claim Madonna, then the acting street boss, ordered Meldish whacked after he refused to pay back a $100,000 loan and told Madonna to “f–k off.”
“That kind of disrespect can’t be tolerated,” Hadden said Monday. “The mob is all about violence and respect.”
Defense closings are expected Tuesday.


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