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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Man with mob ties pleads guilty to federal charges stemming from violent robbery

A man with alleged mob ties and previously convicted for assault charges as a bookie pleaded guilty Monday to a federal charge stemming from a violent robbery last year in Abington.
William Angelesco, 49, wiped his eye and talked briefly with his attorney on the witness stand before answering a federal judge’s questions in a change of plea hearing in U.S. District Court.
“I agree, I agree,” Angelesco said, responding to Judge Nathaniel Gorton’s question if Angelesco disagreed with a prosecutor’s details of the case.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Laura Kaplan, in telling Gorton what feds would prove in a trial, said Angelesco was tied to an assault on an Abington man’s business selling sneakers and marijuana last September.
Three men allegedly assaulted the victim, screaming “where’s the cash,” and eventually fleeing with 3-4 pounds of marijuana, sneakers and $1,000. Kaplan said the victim spotted the suspects’ license plate, which was tied to Angelesco’s rental car, and investigators used phone records and a blood sample to match Angelesco to the scene.
Angelesco, arrested in Maine last year, faces a maximum sentence of up to 20 years in prison for the single count of interfering with commerce by threats or violence. No plea agreement was signed ahead of the hearing.
Attorney Carmine Lepore said outside the courtroom he and Angelesco “just felt it was the appropriate time to go forward with a plea.”
Angelesco in 2005 was acquitted of on charges surrounding the death of the owner of a Revere strip club. He had ties to alleged mobster Peter “Chief Crazy Horse” Limone, who infamously served 33 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit.
Limone was later awarded $19 million by a federal judge over his imprisonment, but was also given five years of probation for his gambling syndicate in 2010 and ordered to stay away from Angelesco, among dozens of other figures.
Angelesco in 2008 pleaded guilty to state charges including extortion and assault and battery to collect a loan and was given a seven-year prison sentence.
Court filings say Angelesco has been detained since his November arrest. He will remain behind bars until his sentencing in July.



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