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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Judge denies release of former Genovese consigliere who planned murder of Gambino boss John Gotti


A federal judge denied the prison release of a 91-year-old reputed mob boss who was convicted of planning a hit on John Gotti, a new report said.

Louis Manna, who is serving a 80-year-old sentence at a Minnesota prison, requested to spend his remaining time at home in New Jersey, citing health concerns, NJ.com reported.

US District Judge Peter Sheridan shot down Manna’s request last week.

“Manna was a leader in the Genovese family, a street boss, who accomplished (La Cosa Nostra) goals through violence and intimidation,” Sheridan wrote in his ruling, according to the report.

“Despite the fact that he is considered “frail” and has some medical issues, the nature of his life as a career criminal and his leadership in the Genovese family outweigh his age and medical issues.”

Jeremy Iandolo, Manna’s attorney, argued that his client suffered from a number of health ailments, including Parkinson’s disease.

Manna would “almost certainly die in custody in the near future,” Iandolo wrote.

The US Attorney’s Office argued Manna was blowing his health issues out of proportion, the report said.



  1. That's fucking ridiculous. What kind of system has a guy like Sammy the Bull out making YouTube videos after admitting to 19 murders yet has a 91 year old guy convicted of Conspiracy to commit 1 or 2 murders locked up and never getting out?

  2. Im gonna be sketchy but my 2 uncles both deceased very close w/ John G were important skippers there and never cared for Sammy.. Piney died in Lex Ky prison..1 died @ Albany med hosp prison wing. 3rd served 8yrs on a gambling case as he was crippled. He was the only guy on the case with a 1-4 sentence (times 4) NOT CONCURRENT EITHER. THEY MADE NUMBERS & SLOT MACHINES A CONSECUTIVE sentence... So my fam has felt the creepy system where STOOL PIDGEONS PROSPER...