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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Mob YouTube wars heat up as Gotti family sues former Bonanno associate for $10M

Leave the gun — check the WiFi.

A bitter mob beef has been playing out in cyberspace, and now pits late godfather John Gotti’s daughter and grandson against a Mafia “rat” in court.

Angel Gotti, 60, and her son, Frank Gotti Albano, 37, are suing Gene Borrello for $10 million, claiming he unleashed a torrent of “heinous” online abuse against them because of his “sick obsession” with the late Gambino crime family’s “Teflon Don.”

Borrello threw down the gauntlet last year when he had the coglioni to paint mother and son as drug addicts and superimposed their faces on porn he posted online, they claim in court papers.

Borrello, a reported former Bonanno family associate, allegedly created a pair of Instagram accounts, insultingly named @angel_gotti_the_fat_slob and @angel_the_fat_whale_gotti, and used them to bombard her with nasty messages.

He is also accused of putting faked photos on the Internet of Albano and his deceased dad, Louis Albano, doing drugs, the Gottis claim in the litigation.

The hot-tempered Borrello — who helped the feds convict nearly two dozen mobsters in 2016, only to land behind bars last year after threatening an ex-girlfriend’s husband and father — also wrongly accused Angel Gotti and her son of the biggest La Cosa Nostra sin of all: being “rats,” according to the lawsuit.

In a now-deleted YouTube rant, Borrello called Angel Gotti “a f–king rat,” adding the “whole family is rats … bonafide rats,” and claiming Gotti was urging people to report him to the FBI and his parole officer, she claimed.

In one August Instagram post, Borrello allegedly wrote, “Angel Gotti goes from a dope head to a meth Head and also a child molester,” she alleged.

In another post he wrote, “Now go get that Needle out of your son’s arm we all know he was in rehab for heroin,” according to court papers.

Angel Gotti said she landed in Borrello’s social media crosshairs only because she was “defending her family name” online against his made-up stories.

Borrello then lashed out, and “appears as though he gets a sick thrill from his ongoing harassment,” she claimed.

He allegedly admitted to creating the vile Instagram accounts during a recorded phone call with Mobtubers.com Lee Cole, according to the legal filing. The accounts have since been removed.

Borrello told Cole in August he was “not going to stop” harassing the mother and son, adding “that everyone knows it is him ‘abusing them,'” they claimed in the lawsuit.

The Gottis call Borrello’s posts “obscene and unequivocally false.” They deny being involved in any criminal activity, including drug use.

Borrello’s “relentless defamatory assault” has put the pair at “grave risk of danger, ridicule and public scorn,” the Gottis maintain in their legal papers.

Borrello made a name for himself on YouTube after joining forces with fellow federal informant and Gotti family enemy John Alite for a podcast called “The Johnny and Gene Show” in 2018.

The Howard Beach hot-head is known to his neighbors for his “despicable crimes,” the Gottis contend in their lawsuit. Borrello’s rap sheet includes shootings, brutal assaults, home invasions, armed robberies and arsons, according to Brooklyn Federal Court filings.

Despite his putting mobsters behind bars — including Bonanno captain Vincent Asaro, who was nabbed for arson after his stunning acquittal in the $6 million Lufthansa heist — Borrello is just a wannabe mobster, Angel Gotti and her son said.

Though Borrello and Alite are “admittedly homicidal and violent individuals,” neither are “officially members of any known Italian organized crime groups,” the suit says.

Borrello’s harassment is “still relentless,” said Dana LaMacchia, a lawyer for the Gottis.

“This was something we felt we had to do, that we had no other recourse,” she said of the lawsuit. “He’s still going full charge ahead on this.”

In November, Borrello pleaded guilty to again flouting the rules of his supervised release by producing three YouTube videos about organized crime, and talking trash about his victims, court records show. He’s out on supervised release while he awaits a March sentencing date in that case, according to court papers.

A lawyer for Borrello didn’t respond to messages.



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