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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Divorced From The Mob, And Now His Wife

Lewis Kasman, the former John Gotti confidant who joined Team America to bring down the Gambino family, is in the midst of a divorce proceeding in Palm Beach County, FL, and the usual issues -- asset division, child visitation -- are exacerbated by his life as a prosecution witness as reported by Jane Musgrave for the Palm Beach Post:

It's not easy being in the federal witness protection program for ratting out members of the Gambino crime family - particularly when you're going through a messy divorce. There's those pesky FBI agents that you have to drag around with you everywhere - even if you just want to take your kid out to dinner. Then, there's the understandable reluctance of your soon-to-be ex-wife to let you take any of your children anywhere given that you've been named as a target by mobsters who really don't like having their own turn into finks. * * * Visitation is just one of the issues swirling around the unconventional case, turning Kasman vs. Kasman into an epic battle that has raged since 2007 and chewed through several judges. Like most divorces, the main issue is money. * * * Turning state's evidence has crimped Kasman's earning power. He told [Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Charles] Burton he's a pauper, living on a $250-a-week government paycheck. Still, Eileen Kasman is convinced he's hiding money. Pointing out that she's spent two years and more than $250,000 trying to find it, Burton urged her to face the probability that there is no hidden "treasure chest," get divorced and move on with her life. She and her attorney Carol Kartagener said they weren't ready to do that - yet. A three-day trial is to be held in October to determine how they will divide up what appears to be few remaining assets.


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