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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Junior Gotti Trial Update

Prosecutors in the upcoming trial of John "Junior" Gotti intend to call former Bonanno crime family member and turncoat Dominick Cicale to the stand. In all likelihood Cicale, whose exploits with Vincent Basciano are outlined in "King of The Godfathers" at Chapter 28, will be asked to testify about a conversation he may have had in which Basciano said that he agreed with Gotti's defense of withdrawal from the mob. The government, court papers show, appears to believe that Gotti sought the approval of the mob for such a defense, and thus didn't really withdraw from mob life. Prosecutors have been asked to turn over documents to the Gotti defense team about Cicale. A key witness against Basciano, Cicale testified he was involved in the killing of Frank Santoro in the Bronx. Cicale also allegedly fabricated a murder plot to falsely implicate Basciano, according to documents filed in Basciano's case in Brooklyn federal court.


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