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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mob suspect Dominick (Black Dom) Dionisio's pizza 'job' at Brooklyn Lucali's is a sham, feds say

The place of employment for Dionisio is Lucali's in Carroll Gardens.

A reputed gangster is allowed to leave his house every day for a job at the famed Brooklyn pizzeria Lucali's - but prosecutors don't think he's actually working.

Instead, they believe longtime Colombo crime family associate Dominick "Black Dom" Dionisio is using the dough-slinging as a cover to flout his bail conditions.

Dionisio, 39, has asked a judge to remove the electronic ankle bracelet he must wear while awaiting trial for a gangland shooting and armed robbery.

The feds are balking - saying monitoring should be continued because it appears Dionisio is using the Carroll Gardens foodie mecca as a social club.

"Recent surveillance and source information indicates the defendant is abusing the terms of his release and that, in his purported employment, the defendant does not actually work," Assistant U.S. Attorney Nicole Argentieri stated in court papers.

Prosecutors informed the judge that Dionisio had not provided any pay stubs since he began working at Lucali's last October.

He turned around and produced 10 sequentially numbered checks issued from the personal account of Lucali's owner Mark Iacono, according to a letter filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Contacted by the Daily News last week, Iacono said he was too busy to comment and promised but failed to call back.

Iacono creates the sublime pizza hailed as best in New York City by Zagat's and recently rated in GQ magazine as the second-best in the country.

"You have to wait on line forever for this freaking pizza, but it's so good," actress Rosie Perez gushed to New York magazine.

Dionisio is charged with shooting at rival Colombo gangsters during the crime family's bloody civil war in November 1991. He is also accused of sticking up marijuana dealers and the strong-arm robbery of a Brooklyn yeshiva worker.

Defense lawyer James Froccaro will be in court Thursday for arguments on the electronic bracelet.

"The different individuals that Mr. Dionisio may have been seen driving with are accompanying him on work-related errands," Froccaro explained in court papers.

He added that his client has performed so well at Lucali's that he'd been offered a managerial position at a new location, but he refused to discuss Dionisio's precise duties.



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