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Friday, October 16, 2009

Feds Play Gotti and Jr. Jailhouse Tapes

Federal prosecutors today played "a tape-recorded 1994 jailhouse conversation" between John Gotti and his boy Junior in which the latter "called an effort he allegedly masterminded to derail a federal jury-tampering investigation an 'ingenious move'" as reported by John Riley for Newsday:
Gotti, according to earlier testimony from former lieutenant John Alite, set up a plan to identify and compromise jurors in the 1989 heroin trafficking trial of his uncle Gene Gotti, and then stymied a federal probe by having brother-in-law Carmine Agnello take responsibility after Agnello got an immunity grant from a grand jury. His father, Gambino boss John J. Gotti, imprisoned in 1994 in Marion, Ill., was skeptical - at least on tape. He told his son he hadn't known about the plan in advance and didn't like the idea of family members talking to a grand jury under any circumstances. "If there was a church I robbed and I had the steeple sticking out of my --, I wouldn't say nothin,' " Gotti told his son on the tape played in federal court in Manhattan. The younger Gotti said it had stopped prosecutors in their tracks. "From what I was told, it was a very ingenious move," he told his father.  ". . . I was told by all the lawyers, all the lawyers involved, it was a very ingenious move." His father praised him: "Well then, whoever done it should get stripes or somethin.'"


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