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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mob turncoat John Alite testifies he got nails done with John Gotti Jr. after drug dealer's murder

Mob turncoat John Alite testified Wednesday he and John A. (Junior) Gotti got "their nails done" after the murder of a pesky Queens dope dealer.

Alite, who said he did the December 1988 murder on Gotti's orders, told a Manhattan jury they met at a salon next door to the Gotti's Bergin Hunt & Fish Club in Queens to discuss the successful rubout of George Grosso.

That's when Junior's uncle, Gene Gotti, "flipped" and told Gotti to shut up because the place could be bugged, Alite said.
Gene Gotti dragged his nephew outside for a quiet chat, Alite said. When they returned, Alite said he and Gotti went to "verify that \[Grosso\] was dead."

"I watch a lot of movies," Alite said, where the killer always gets caught going back to the scene of a crime. "I didn't want to go back to the scene."

When they did, it was crawling with cops and workers from the medical examiner's office, Alite said.

"He doesn't look that good," Gotti joked after seeing Grosso's body, Alite said.

The son of the late mob boss John Gotti, Junior Gotti is on trial - for the fourth time in five years - for ordering the Grosso murder and the 1991 slaying of another drug dealer, Bruce Gotterup.

Alite, on the stand for the second day, has accused Gotti of being a merciless killer with the blood of at least eight men on his hands.

Earlier, Alite tied an imaginary noose around his neck so he could hang the murder of John Cennamo on Gotti.
Alite testified he was recuperating from a beating in the summer of 1984 when Gotti and his goons showed up at his Jamaica Hospital room, overlooking the Van Wyck Expressway.

Gotti was joking about how Cennamo, a man who prosecutors say witnessed Gotti fatally stab Daniel Silva at the Silver Fox nightclub in March 1983, "got help to be killed," Alite said.

"The cartoon, the Grinch," Alite said, referring to Gotti, "is creeping around like the Grinch and says, 'Look, you can see him from here, hanging.' "

Then, said Alite, Gotti demonstrated how the noose was tied around Cennamo's neck - and gave a chilling order.

"Okay, now jump," Gotti said.

Alite said everybody laughed.

"John Gotti Jr. told me he stabbed the kid," Alite said, referring to Silva.

Gotti said hit man John Carneglia "was sent to take care of it on his father's orders," said Alite, the "it" being Cennamo.

Alite said Carneglia was dispatched with two helpers, Wilfred (Willie Boy) Johnson and Angelo Ruggerio. Johnson was later whacked for ratting on the mob.

Cennamo was found hanging from a low-hanging tree with a white sweater wrapped around his neck.

Earlier, Gotterup's sister ripped Gotti as "scum of the Earth" in a furious five-page letter obtained by the Daily News.

Ivyann Gotterup-Stratton said Gotti sent "his dog" John Burke to kill her brother in 1991.

"I guess killing my brother seemed like a way to move up the food chain to Burke," she wrote. "A lot of good people were killed just so some gangsters could keep their reputations."


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