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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mobster: I never paid Gotti for drug sales

A convicted mobster testified today that he never paid John "Junior" Gotti any money for selling cocaine in Queens.
Joseph O'Kane, 42, who has been serving a lifetime prison term for racketeering since 1996, contradicted testimony from mob turncoat John Alite, saying he never knew that Gotti was getting a cut from the drug sales.
O'Kane, who was testifying for the defense even said that the feds approached him about reducing his sentence if he testified against Gotti.
He said he told the agent, "Excuse me. I told him to go F himself."
O'Kane admitted to being Alite's drug-dealing partner in Queens, a crew that Gotti ran before climbing the hierarchy of the Gambino crime family headed by his father, John "Dapper Don" Gotti.
"I probably would be home with my family and son" had he taken the deal, O'Kane said.
Gotti is on trial for a fourth time in Manhattan federal court. The previous three cases ended in either mistrials or a hung jury.
The feds have accused Gotti of racketeering and his involvement in three mob murders.



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