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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Arrests in Alleged Extortion Scheme

Michael C. Sciarra, "reportedly a onetime associate of infamous Local 560 boss and late Genovese capo Anthony 'Tony Pro' Provenzano," was charged today with two others in an alleged plot to extort more than $200,000 from a Hawthorne, NJ man "by using the threat of Mafia muscle" as reported by Peter J. Sampson for The Record:
Also charged was his nephew Michael A. Sciarra, 46, and Mark Ventricelli, 25, both of Union City. They are accused of conspiring to shake down the victim, identified only by the initials M.H., by using threats of injury and death between May 2006 and February 2009. An eight-count indictment, unsealed after the arrests, outlines a scheme to force the victim to make interest-only payments on a series of loans, or "vig," to Ventricelli, an employee of the landscaping business.


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