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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No bail for alleged Bonanno Captain

A top Bonanno gangster's bail hearing blew up Monday after he was forced to explain where he got the $10,000 in cash the FBI found on his bedroom dresser.
Joseph Sammartino, a reputed capo and member of the crime family's ruling panel, whispered his explanation into his lawyer's ear.
It was left to lawyer Marc Agnifilo to repeat it to Brooklyn Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis: "He said he and his wife had been on vacation recently in the Bahamas and they brought it back from the Bahamas."
Needless to say, the judge didn't buy it.
"They went on vacation and came back with the money? I'm going to the Bahamas tomorrow," Garaufis said mockingly, calling the explanation absurd, especially because Sammartino claims he lives on a disability pension.
Sammartino, 55, is charged with collecting the proceeds of an extortion debt.
He was ordered held without bail pending trial.


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