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Friday, December 25, 2009

Junior Gotti Invites Memebrs of Hung Jury to Xmas Dinner

God rest ye, merry goodfella.
Recently acquitted John A. (Junior) Gotti, home for his first Christmas since 2007, plans a holiday feast with his family - and any jurors interested in breaking bread with the ex-Gambino boss.
"I'm cooking dinner here," Gotti, 45, said Thursday as he pulled into the driveway of his Oyster Bay, L.I., estate.
The 12 jurors from his latest mistrial were all invited for a Christmas meal with Gotti, wife Kim and their six kids at the family's $1.7 million mansion.
"My door's open if they want to come," said Gotti, who remains free on $2 million bail. "But we don't even know who they are. It was an anonymous jury."
Gotti said he was spending Christmas Eve with his sisters - Angel and former reality show star Victoria.
A Manhattan federal jury deadlocked on racketeering and murder charges against Gotti, freeing the second-generation gangster for the holidays.
Gotti assumed control of the Gambino crime family after his late father, John Sr., was jailed for life on a 1992 conviction. The elder Gotti died behind bars a decade later.
Junior was locked up from August 2008, when a new indictment was returned, until the jury's Dec. 1 verdict. He climbed into a white BMW for the triumphant ride home after posting bail.
The panel deliberated for 11 contentious days before finally throwing in the towel after Gotti spent the Thanksgiving weekend in federal lockup.
Afterward, they denounced the government's mob turncoat witnesses as liars and declared the feds should stop their legal pursuit of the Teflon Son.
Gotti, who had faced life in prison if convicted, hailed the jury as "the most courageous people I've met in my life" after the trial ended.
It was the fourth mistrial in five years for Gotti, who insisted at every racketeering trial that he quit the Gambino family a decade ago.
The U.S. attorney has yet to announce a decision on retrying Gotti for a staggering fifth time, although sources told the Daily News another trial was unlikely.


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