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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Trial Update: Vincent Basciano Speaks

Well, sort of. In a letter to a document to a Brooklyn federal judge, Bonanno captain Vincent Basciano vigorously denied that a list of names he wrote a few years ago in jail was a "hit list" as the government claims. The list was discussed in King of The Godfathers on page 307 and relates to Basciano's upcoming federal trial. In his declaration sent to the court, Basciano said he never intended the list to be used to hurt anyone or to use as a way of getting the judge in case, Nicholas Garaufis, recused. (Garaufis's name was one of five on the list, as is that of prosecutor Greg Andres). "I never intended to harm or cause harm to come to anyone named on any alleged 'hit list,'" said Basciano. Instead "As I have previously indicated, lists of names were to be used as a "santeria' list only, as part of a religious ceremony," he said. Basciano also said if there is ever a hearing about the list that he would take the stand and testify about how the list came about. As noted in the book, Basciano has said the list was for Santeria, to get good karma at his 2007 retrial.  It is unclear if the government will try to use the list at Basciano's still to be scheduled capital trial, which may occur in 2010. 



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