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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Did A Potential Juror Try to Meddle With Massino's Case?

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Buried within an old filing in a Bonanno crime family federal case is the intriguing allegation that a potential juror in Joe Massino's case may have been up to no-good.  In a memorandum filed in January 2006 in a related crime family case, Brooklyn federal prosecutors alleged that an informant told investigators that a person in the jury pool of Massino's case 'reached out' for a member of the Bonanno crime family.  The alleged reach out was to a relative of then reputed Bonanno  crime family underboss Joseph Cammarano
, papers filed in Brooklyn federal court stated. There was no indication in the filings that Massino or his defense team, or Cammarano for that matter, knew of the situation. "This apparent effort to tamper with the jury was thwarted however, because the individual in the jury pool was not ultimately selected to the petit jury," prosecutors stated in their filings. Massino's trial is extensively detailed in "King of The Godfathers," and the hardcover version "The Last Godfather." Massino was convicted, sentenced to life in prison and is now a cooperating witness himself.

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