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Friday, February 5, 2010

Gambino Hitman Turned Outsider Artist

1983 Federal Bureau of Investigation mugshot o...Former Gambino Hitman Dominick Montiglio via Wikipedia
Dominick Montiglio has turned from Gambino hitman to outsider artist as reported by Susan Donaldson James for ABC News:
Anthony "Nino" Gaggi and his crew, headed by Roy DeMeo, set an early example for Montiglio, reportedly murdering 200 people and dismembering their bodies at Brooklyn's Gemini Lounge, also known as the "Horror Hotel." "I lived the life," said Montiglio, now a 62-year-old struggling artist, who admits he was involved in scores of those killings, then testified against the family before entering the federal witness protection program in 1983. "But I don't make any excuses," said Montiglio, whose mob nickname was "The Cape." Now, instead of cutting up corpses, the former hit man creates paintings, depicting the dark anguish caused by a life of organized crime.

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