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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Florida Sicilian Mobster Linked to Gambinos and Colombos

Following the arrest in Miami, FL last week of Roberto Settineri, an alleged link between the Gambino and Colombo crime families in the United States and the Santa Maria de Gesu clan in Palermo, Sicily, Jay Weaver from The Miami Herald takes a closer look at the reputed mobster:
Roberto Settineri, 41, a reputed Sicilian mafia associate and naturalized U.S. citizen who has lived in Miami since the mid-'90s. * * * Settineri had seeming success pursuing the American Dream. He married, had three daughters, invested in real estate across Miami-Dade, drove a 2010 Audi A7 and sold wine to Italian restaurants in South Beach. He lived well but not garishly -- impressing some clients as a regular nice guy who they never would have suspected of being a major Sicilian mobster, as the Italian National Police said when charging him and 19 others with attempted murder, extortion and drug trafficking in Palmero last week. * * * In recent years, Settineri had several businesses that opened and shut in Miami Beach and Miami. They included Seven Business Consulting, Italian Wines Collection, Centro Sociologico Italiano, Next Entertainment Group, Blue Oceans International and V.I.A.S. Imports, state records show.
Scott Rothstein, the politically connected Fort Lauderdale lawyer who pleaded guilty last January to running a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme which involved using his firm Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler as a front to sell phony legal settlements to investors, reportedly was instrumental through his cooperation with the FBI in bringing down Settineri.  Following the arrest of Settineri, Rothstein has "dropped off the rader" in the federal prison system as reported by the Sun-Sentinel.  While many speculate whether Rothstein and his family should fear retaliation, Bob Norman at the Broward Palm Beach News aptly points out:  "If anything, the Mafia should be upset at Settineri for being such an ignorant dupe when all of South Florida knew, or at least suspected, that Rothstein was working for the feds."


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