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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Segal Being Sued By Mobbed Up Producer

It's the courtroom drama that never ends.
Mobbed-up movie producer Julius Nasso has launched yet another lawsuit against his old business partner, washed-up action hero Steven Seagal.
Back in 2002, Nasso sued his ex-buddy for $60 million claiming Seagal bailed on four block-buster action flicks.
Seagal claimed he walked because the violent movies were at odds with his Buddhist religious belief.
Seagal later testified that after he broke ties with Nasso he was shaken down by Gambino hoods in the back room of a Brooklyn steakhouse.
He said during that tense standoff, a reputed mob captain told him he better go back to working with Nasso or he'd be sorry - and he'd have to pay for the pleasure at $150,000 a flick.
The mobsters were caught laughing about the whole shakedown on an FBI wiretap.
Nasso was indicted in a massive racketeering case that pulled in big gangland names and in 2003 pled guilty to extortion. He served a year in prison.
Seagal and Nasso reached a secret settlement of their dispute in 2007.
Now Nasso claims the actor reneged on that deal, paying him only $35,000 out of the $200,000 owed, according to a suit filed Tuesday in Manhattan Federal Court.
Neither side could immediately be reached for comment.


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