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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Legendary Colombo underboss Sonny Franzese's son has HIV and dad aims to use it against him

The son of Colombo underboss John "Sonny" Franzese admitted Thursday he sold his father out for $50,000.
John Franzese also revealed on the stand that his FBI code name was "Annual Report" as his 93-year-old father watched intently from the defense table.
The racketeering trial of creaky Colombo underboss John "Sonny" Franzese unearthed a tragic family secret Thursday - his turncoat son has HIV.
And it quickly became clear that the 93-year-old gangster was ready to use that revelation about his son to save his own skin.
The once-fearsome gangster, who has repeatedly dozed off during the trial, was wide awake when his lawyer began cross-examining his son, John Jr.
A day earlier, Franzese's 50-year-old son took the stand and betrayed his dad by revealing that he shook down Manhattan jiggle joints for protection money.
So on Thursday, defense attorney Richard Lind went after John Jr.'s credibility by asking the reformed junky what kind of meds he takes for HIV.
John Jr. admitted he had been diagnosed with the dread disease back in 1990, before he became a federal informant who secretly taped his own father.
"When I got diagnosed, I ended up walking around the streets for 10 years not taking medication," he said.
Then Lind went for the jugular.
 He asked him about something John Jr. reportedly told his brother, Michael, while in California trying to kick his habit in the late 1990s.
"You told Michael Franzese you had unprotected sex with women?" said Lind.
Prosecutors, fearing the jury might dismiss the claims of a man who knowingly exposed women to HIV, immediately objected.
After a sidebar meeting with the judge, Franzese was told not to answer that question. But the idea that he might have infected other women had been raised - and the damage to his credibility was done.
Outside the courtroom, Michael Franzese, a 59-year-old preacher who has critized his brother for ratting on their dad, insisted John Jr. "didn't confide that in me."
"I think Mr. Lind got me confused with someone else," he said.
John Jr. is now married to a woman named Denise, whom he met in drug rehab back in California, Michael Franzese said.

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