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Monday, June 14, 2010

Mafia Plotted To Smear Kennedy Brothers

According to recently released FBI documents on the late Senator Edward Kennedy, the Mafia plotted to smear Bobby and Edward Kennedy by ensaring them into a compromising position involving crooner Frank Sinatra and bombshell Marilyn Monroe as reported by Alex Spillius for the Telegraph:
The intention was to work through "associates" of the two stars to lure the Kennedys, as well as Peter Lawford, their British actor brother-in-law and fellow member of Sinatra's "rat pack", into actions they would regret. Papers released in the US yesterday contained reports of a rumour from an informant suggesting elements of the mob wanted smear the men. * * * After looking into the claims, the FBI is said to have decided the information was not "solid" enough and no other mention of it appears. The plot is thought to have fizzled out, but it is consistent with other accounts of the extraordinary links between America's greatest political dynasty, the country's biggest stars and organised crime.
The Mafia traditionally employs orchestrated smear campaigns in order to silence or discredit its critics, and the alleged plot against the Kennedys certainly is consistent with its MO.


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